“Samo zato što ne možemo da budemo zajedno , ne znači da te neću voleti.” - Blair Waldorf
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow forum

nova tema EPIZODE?

Lokisa 4 month ago

zasto vise ne izlaze epizode redovno kao prije,i

GAVRA1991 4 month ago

I ja cekam :D

kunt16 4 month ago

Because susbtitles are not released yet. We are waiting for it.

Lokisa 4 month ago

well,give us an episode,and sub later,is that possible?

kunt16 4 month ago

no but i can send you the link without subtitle on private message. Send a message to me

onxer 4 month ago

Please contact me ADM?NS http://www.facebook.com/onxer

subscribers ?